Ropes and Challenge Events

Ropes and Challenge Events

The Valley HealthCare Ropes Course is a multipurpose tool that can be used therapeutically, educationally, and as the central part of a team-building experience. Built in 1999 by Alpine Tower, the diamond course features both low and high challenge elements. Low elements include the slackline, spider’s web, and ground school. The ground school allows us to walk participants through and practice all safety procedures without the height. The high ropes course stands at approximately 50 feet tall where trained staff will guide each person through the elements. Participants can access the high elements by climbing up to the tree house or deer stand. These platforms are connected to several other high element experiences such as the Burma bridge, penguin walk, and multivine. Groups will be able to take home helmet cam footage of their adventure on the high ropes course.

The Valley HealthCare Ropes Course is designed to promote leadership, mutual respect, cooperation, trust, and communication within groups. This program can connect organizations or departments together in a whole new way, with a new understanding of how they can work as a team. For more information or to schedule an event, please contact Zachary Tanner at (304) 296-1731, ext. 4234 or


Directions to the Course:

100 Crosswind Drive

Fairmont, WV 26554

From I-79

Take exit 133 for Kingmont Road

Taking I-79 South: Turn right on to Kingmont Road

Taking I-79 North: Turn left on to Kingmont Road

Take next right on to Airport Road

Turn left on to Crosswind Drive

Follow Crosswind Drive until you come to a parking lot with a Valley Healthcare System sign

The ropes course is located to the right of the main building


What Clothing Should I Wear?

Wear well-fitting clothing that doesn’t hang loose or sag. Closed toed shoes such as sneakers and hiking shoes are required. Flip flops, sandals, and heeled shoes are not acceptable on the course. We recommend tying long hair back and removing all jewelry.

Do I need any gear?

Valley HealthCare will provide all needed gear when you arrive at the Ropes Course.

What happens if it storms?

We evacuate the course in any instance of thunder, lightning, or high winds and seek shelter inside the ACT Unit. Staff will monitor all weather data and course operation will resume 30 minutes after the last sign of thunder and lightning. 

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