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Ropes and Challenge


Ropes and Challenge Events

The Valley Ropes Course is a multipurpose tool that, under the
direction of trained staff, can be used therapeutically, educationally, or as
the central part of a team-building experience. This course has both the
high and low elements and features several methods of exposure from
the ground via climbing poles. The “tree house” and “deer stand” are
both approximately 50 feet above the ground and are connected to
several other high element rope experiences. Valley has a variety of
“challenged-based” programs that are designed to promote mutual
respect, cooperation, trust and communication within groups. These
programs can bind organizations or departments together in a whole
new way, with a new understanding of how they can work as a team.

For more information or to schedule an event, please contact Doug
McCarty at 296-1731, extension 4175.